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The Mannam sugar mills Co-operative limited is a registered Co-operative Society under the Department of Industries in Government of Kerala. The Society was registered in February 1960 in the name of ‘Bharatha KeasariSri.Mannathu Padmanabhan, who was the founder and first Chairman of Mannam Sugar Mills.

The Managing Committee consists of nine elected Directors from among the shareholders, five Directors nominated by the Government of Kerala and the Managing Director, appointed by the government, who is an Ex-officio Director. As part of diversification, Mannam sugar Mills Co-operative Limited established an Ayurveda Medical college and hospital in 2005.

AYURVEDA is the SCIENCE OF LIFE. Ayurveda heals diseases, prevents diseases and also promotes perfect health.
The MANNAM AYURVEDA CO-OPERATIVE MEDICAL COLLEGE has been established at Pandalam, the Birth Place of LORD AYYAPPA with an objective to promote authentic Ayurveda studies and treatment systems and to empower the coming generations .


Kaya Chikitsa (General Medicine)
ShalyaTantra (Surgery)
Shalakya Tantra (Opthalmology & ENT)
Prasudi and Sriroga (Gynaecology)
Kaumarabritya (Paediatrics)
Manasikam (Psychiatry)
Agadatantra (Toxicology)
Roganidanam (pathology)
Specialized doctors
Well equipped Therapists & masseurs
Nursing with maximum care
Quality Medicines
A/c and Non A/c Rooms
Superb ambience
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